Meeting Format

Once the track has been set up there’s normally a period of timed free practice. After three minutes on a lane, the power is cut and it’s somebody else’s turn to play. Time to try another lane or do some fettling.

Once it’s time to race we run two set classes per night, as published in the calendar.

For each set class, a driver gets to race their car on each of the four lanes and then the results are totalled, shared and then the excuses flow.

If time permits there might then be another set of heats, more free running or sometimes we do what we call, ‘Blue Lane Rules’, which simply means as your name is called to run on blue lane you get to decide the class for that specific race. It doesn’t have to be one from the calendar because we all, generally, have cars from other brands or favourites we want to try out. As long as your fellow racers have an eligible car the blue-laner is happy with, the race is on.

Fancy digital controllers – cheatin’ sticks – are allowed under Blue Lane Rules but not in the main events.