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Policar Classic F1 and Wooden Spooner

September 6 @ 20:00 - 22:00

Policar Classic F1

  • Any Policar 70s F1 model is allowed
  • Only the standard Slim-Can 24,500rpm motor is permitted
  • Plastic rear hubs can be changed for Policar Aluminium F1 hubs
  • Fronts hubs must be as supplied when new
  • Front tyres may be changed to a low profile and may be glazed
  • Any rubber tyre brand is allowed
  • Ballast may be added (must be inside and securely attached)

Free components

All screws, lead wire, eyelets, braid and spacers.

Wooden Spoon Race

The class for the second round will be called on the night by the racer who is last in the first session.