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Racer Sideways Group 5 Plus Wooden Spoon

July 19 @ 20:00

Racer Sideways Group 5

  • Any Racer Sideways Group 5 car is allowed
  • The magnet must be removed
  • Body and chassis must remain standard
  • Rear wing must be attached before any race start
  • Rear view mirrors, window wipers and aerials can be removed.
  • No light weight interiors or body/chassis lightening is allowed
  • Motor and gears must be as originally supplied new
  • Wheels as originally supplied new
  • Original motor pods may be replaced with Slot It alternatives
  • Any rubber compound tyre that fits the standard hubs can be used
  • Front tyres may be changed to a low profile, can be glued, trued and glazed as required
  • Tyre treatments are allowed but must be dry when placed on track
  • Ballast may be added but must be inside the car and securely attached

Free components

All screws, lead wire, eyelets, braid and spacers.

Wooden Spoon Race

The class for the second round will be called on the night by the racer who is last in the first session.